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Barcelona Events Calendar.

If you are planning trip to Barcelona you might be interested what events and festivals you can attend. Depending on the time you arrive, there are various activities in different districts, so before reserving your apartment its better to check our “Barcelona Events Calendar”. For example in August it is better to rent an apartment in Gracia neighborhood in order to be in the centre of  “La Fiesta de Gracia celebrations or in December reserve an apartment next to the Barcelona Cathedral to enjoy the music and decorations for “Fira de Santa Lucia “.

Barcelona Events Calendar:


  • St Anthony Procession – Each year, on January 17, ceremonies in honor of St Anthony are held in Barcelona thousands of people bring their pets to churches throughout the city to get the saint blessing. The largest blessing processions are at Sant Andreu and Eixample districts.
  • 6th January – Epiphany/Three Kings
    Los Reyes Magos (also known as the Three Kings) is the name by which the tradition is known to visitors (three in the more extended consideration) that, after the birth of Jesus, would come from foreign countries to pay homage and deliver rich symbolic gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.The elaborate procession begins on January 5, at Portal de la Pau, and the progress of Los Reyes Magos is followed by throngs of people as it moves through the city.


  • Carnival in Barcelona -Carnival in Barcelona, timed just before the Lenten fast, is spent indulging in soon-to-be-forbidden pleasures. Food competitions have entrants competing for the coveted “pimiento de oro” (golden pepper). The main event, an over-the-top parade, culminates with a mock funeral that buries the Carnival King for another year.


  • Fiesta de San Medir(3rd March) – The sweetest holiday in Spain which comprises thousands of candy is celebrated on March 3 in Barcelona. The traditional “Fiesta of San Medir” has its origins in Roman times.The Grácia district hosts this festival to honor the patron saint of broad beans. After a colorful parade, the crowd catches candies thrown from the parade carriages and watches fireworks.
  • Barcelona Marathon(6th March) – Every year in early March, all adventure-seeking runners have the opportunity to get a spectacular cruise through a beautiful city as for thirty years, this marathon has taken runners through the streets of Barcelona.


  • Good Friday– is a public holiday (many companies are closed entirely during Semana Santa). Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent (some avoid meat on all Fridays and some only on Good Friday).On Good Friday, the famous processions of hooded penitents carrying crosses representing the death of Jesus take place. Cities in the south of Spain are known for large processions and people even camp out over night for good viewing spot.
  • Palm Sunday(17th April) – The most important event in Spain’s Christian calendar in Barcelona, Palm Sunday (Fiesta de Ramos/Fira de Rams) a solemn procession pass its way from La Seu the cathedral in the old town to one of the parishes. In this events many Christian celebrate in the observance of this tradition. In many Christian churches, Palm Sunday is marked by the distribution of palm leaves (often tied into crosses) to the assembled worshipers.
  • Saint George’s Day(23 April) – La Diada de Sant Jordi, also known as el dia de la rosa (The Day of the Rose)  is a Catalan holiday held with similarities to Valentine’s Day and some unique twists that reflect the antiquity of the celebrations. The main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved ones and respected ones. Historically, men gave women roses, and women gave men a book to celebrate the occasion—”a rose for love and a book forever.


  • Corpus Christi / L’ou com Balla – Each year, Barcelona celebrates with colorful parades featuring strange carnival creatures and a “dancing egg festival” (L’ou com Balla) where decorated eggs “dance” in the water jets from the city’s fountains. The fountains themselves are decorated beautifully for the occasion, with fragrant flowers in rich reds and pretty pinks. Also look out for the parades of giants and big-headed carnival figures (known as cabezudos) that converge around the cathedral area in the centre of the city.


  • European Balloon Festival – This annual event is the largest hot air balloon festival in Spain and attracts pilots from around the globe. Almost a quarter million spectators come to see the Barcelona sky fill with colorful balloons. This event is composed by the beauty of this sport and competition. In the morning, visitors delight of a show that gives more than 50 balloons, watching the activities and exhibits that make the equipment. In the afternoon is when weather conditions are the best, you can watch a magical sky full of colored bubbles that dot the horizon!
  • Tall Ships Race – Between 70 and 100 ships from around the world race up the coast to Barcelona. Watch the ships sail, sample traditional Catalan cuisine and enjoy the sunshine.


  • La Fiesta de Gracia – is a week of celebrations amazing concerts, shows, parades and a wonderful finale with fireworks. It is the “Carnaval” de Gracia which attracts thousands of people: neighborhood residents, tourists, foreigners and people from other cities.
  • Feast of the Assumption – They celebrate the faithful recording of the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Solemnity of the Catholic and Orthodox churches is one of the oldest festivals which goes back to the 7th Century. At the feast, which is held annually on 15 August, herb bushes are brought to the services.The neighborhood of Gràcia spills into the streets for this annual celebration.
  • Festa Mayor de Sants – The Sants Festa Major takes place on and around the Carrer de Sants street in Barelona’s Montjuïc district. Twelve main streets host their own parties and activities. When night falls, everyone celebrates with music, parades and a ‘dance of the giants’.


  • National Day of Catalonia – On the 11th of September, and since 1980, the Catalans celebrate their National Day. This is a moment for all the inhabitants to celebrate with parades, concerts, and demonstrations. If you are in a Barcelona Apartment during this week end, you will be able to enjoy the shows taking place in the whole city: the balconies will be decorated and you will see the Catalan flag floating everywhere.
  • Festes de la Mercè – celebrates the day of the city’s patron saint … the Virgin de la Merce. There are many events from 22nd leading up to 24th which is a public holiday. Events include the parade of the giants when a processions through the streets is made up of giant wooden figures (gegants) operated by people.There are also sports events, musical performances, fantastic firework displays and plenty drinking as is the case at just about all festivals nationwide.
  • Catalan Wine and Cava Show – At the Wine and Cava Show, vintners from Catalonia present their cavas and wines from this region. Spectators  can for example taste wine like Alt Penedés rosés and red wines from the Priorat area. The event is held around Moll de Bosch i Alsina area.


  • Barcelona International Jazz Festival – The Barcelona International Jazz Festival is of Europe’s premier jazz events with world class performers playing 70 concerts in 2010.  The Barcelona jazz festival takes place in fifteen different venues in Barcelona, including L’Auditori , Sala Bikini , Jamboree, the Palau de la Música and the Harlem Jazz Club . Furthermore, the parallel music cycle “Finestra”, the festival offers a series of shows that outside from the jazz genre.


  • All Sant´s day-On this day the people of Barcelona celebrate All Saints’s Day, a special day when the Spanish are remembering their dead. They go to the cemetery, they prepare special meals (the tradition is to eat roasted chestnuts -in spanish castanyes), sweet potatoes and sweets with almonds. You can find this type of food on the street, sold by vendors. It’s kind of a public holiday.


  • Fira de Santa Lucia – A Barcelona tradition since 1786, this Christmas fair brings hundreds of stalls to the grounds of the beautiful Barcelona Cathedral. Here you can buy traditional Catalan nativity scenes, baking and even Christmas trees. If you don’t want to shop, you can always enjoy the music and decorated scenery.
  • La Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona 10km race through out Barcelona streets on December 31. For thousands of people that will be an amazing way of saying goodbye to the old year.he race will start at Selva de Mar Street and will have two starting times; the first one at 5:31pm and the second one at 5:33pm. The duration of the race is about an hour and a half, so it will be closed at 7pm.

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