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Barceloneta beach area.

“La Barceloneta”  was an area virtually uninhabited until the mid eighteenth century. Because of its proximity to the sea, fishermen were the first to settle in this part of the city, but their conditions were really poor at the time. In 1754 they began building the first houses and the neighborhood was filled with fishermen and people related to port activities.Barceloneta area

Barceloneta currently

Currently, the neighborhood still with that air of little town outside the city that have always characterized it. But the environment has changed a lot, especially in the summer. The beach is one of the biggest attractions in the city.It all starts when they open the beach bars “chiringuitos” and  set the music there in the sand where you can go after enjoying an amazing day at the beach and have dinner or have a  drink until late.


Along with this modern face, Barceloneta still has that salty smell and marine environment. For many it is a luxury that is preserved in a neighborhood of a city like Barcelona. Is somewhat surprising that on this narrow streets, and wet and blackened by salt sidewalks, exist many of the best restaurants in the city and luxurious cruise ships arrive in this port .


La Barceloneta is one of the best places in town to test fresh seafood. And if you prefer not to eat off the menu you can always do the famous “tapas”. The most typical one is called   “La bomba” , which is  a potato dumpling stuffed with meat and accompanied by hot sauce or the classic All i Oli.
The location of the neighborhood is perfect for families who come on holidays with their children and for people who just love the beach. The beach is not far from the city centre and is well communicated with city transportation.


Barceloneta area is full of hotels,but they are pretty expensive, so renting an apartment is another great option. Located right next to the beach or at the very centre of Barceloneta, many of these apartments have a beautiful ocean view. Fully equipped, can be rented for days, weeks or months.


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